This summer, 秀色色情片 welcomes two new engineering interns: Maggie Heller and Andrew McCracken. Maggie is a Mechanical Engineering student at Penn State, and Andrew is studying Computer Science at the University of Delaware.

Back in June, I asked Maggie and Andrew some questions about engineering and interning at 秀色色情片:

Q - 鈥淲hat drew you to the 秀色色情片 Group?鈥

A - Maggie: 鈥淕oing into college, I knew I wanted to work during the summers as an intern to gain some experience and insight into what it truly is that engineers do. I was fortunate enough to interview and get this position at 秀色色情片. As much as I love being up at Penn State, I was glad to be able to get an internship local to home and spend my summer here with my family. 秀色色情片 offers so many different aspects of the work they do to their interns, it really allows me to learn so much in my short time here this summer, which I have already started taking advantage of and am very excited to continue seeking out.鈥

A - Andrew: 鈥淢y father who works for UD works closely with some people at 秀色色情片 and recommended that I look into a position here.鈥

Q - 鈥淲hat do you hope to learn from this internship?鈥

A - Maggie:鈥淭hrough this internship, I hope to learn what opportunities are out there for me. I have never had hands-on engineering experience thus far and am excited to get there here. As an engineer, there are many paths I can take after college; 秀色色情片 is helping to show me some of the paths.鈥

A - Andrew: 鈥淚 am hoping to advance my skills and knowledge as a programmer by learning about different processes, languages, software, and applications. As well as, gaining valuable experience for the future.鈥

Q - 鈥淒o you have any advice for future interns?鈥

A - Maggie:鈥淢y advice for future interns would be to ask questions. This is the time to learn, and everyone is here to help you do just that. I am learning something new every single day and never intend to stop.鈥

A - Andrew:鈥淚鈥檝e only been on job now for 6 days, but if I had to add something it would be to make a good cup of coffee as some days scanning through code can make you drowsy.鈥

Maggie started working at 秀色色情片 on May 17th, and Andrew joined 秀色色情片 the first week of June. While at 秀色色情片, Maggie and Andrew will get to work on a variety of projects and get some real-world engineering experience.